Working in a research lab is a matter of passion but also of hard work! With recurrent stress from the competition around publishing and funding, sedentary work at the bench or in front of computer screens as well as late working hours, typical work days take a toll on the mental and physical energy of all iBV members.

Aware of its responsibility to guarantee an optimal work environment to everyone, the iBV has made a priority of improving quality of life at work. Because past years research has clearly established that exercise significantly reduces stress levels, boosts creativity and improves overall health condition, we implemented an exercise program encouraging people to work out and replenish their energy levels in the fresh air at midday, to participate to local sportive events under the iBV colors or to join one of the evening hikes organized each trimester. Over the past two years and thanks to the involvement of a team of highly motivated iBV members, a genuine culture of sport has grown in our Institute, building strong bonds among participants and creating a fun and dynamic way for everyone to explore their skills and develop new social contact.

But running and strenuous exercise is not everyone’s cup of tea! Still, everyone can benefit from intermittent active breaks throughout the day. Indeed, during the long hours we remain sitting at work, our body posture creates various adjustments to the muscles and skeleton that may cause serious health problems and a decreased quality of life. As a remedy, the yoga classes organized on a regular basis at the iBV seduced many of our colleagues. We have thus made the deliberate decision to invest actively in awareness campaigns promoting an active versus sedentary lifestyle and to include the entire community of iBV members in a global health and well-being program.

This combination of health-focused promotion of physical activity with the more classical performance-oriented sport sessions constitutes the foundation of the project just granted by the 2019 CNRS call for Quality of Life at Work (QVT 2019). With this funding we will launch new ambitious programs with the help of the Azur Sport Santé resource center, buy equipment for the new Tabata and « Barre à Terre » gym classes and improve facilities for a sport-friendly environment, including stationary bikes and a brand new showers !

Through all these actions, we hope to design a better workplace at the iBV and encourage people to adopt healthy habits that will bring pleasure and energy to their (work) life!