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Flow Cytometry Platform


The Cytometry Platform (acronym BV-CyAn) has been created in 2012 to provide access and develop this technology to the iBV research groups and is open to outside investigators. It offers a range of services centered on multiparametric cytometry and cell sorting.

BV-CyAn platform, by offering state-of-the-art flow cytometers and sorters, proposes to researchers, powerful ways to discriminate, analyse and sort/purify the distinct cell/organelle populations of interest to further study the genomic, proteomic and functional aspects of such purified populations.


Provide access to cytometer users of the platform

teaching (users quickly become autonomous and independent in the use of analyzers), assistance (in the design of experiments, in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of results) and expertise

cell sorting
Provide technological development with new technical achievements

Financial Partners

Analysor LSR Fortessa Sorp (BD)

* 5 lasers (488, 633, 561, 355, 405nm)
18 fluorescent signals
20000 evt/s

*A module HTS allow screening on 96wells plates

*A forward scatter PMT upgrade is also available for small particle detection (0.3-1µm)

Cell sorter  ARIA (BD):

4 lasers (488, 633, 561, 405nm)

13 fluorescent signals

2 and 4 way sorting

MESO QuickPlex SQ12:

MSD products are based on MULTI-ARRAY technology, which uses electrochemiluminescence detection.

* best sensitivity and dynamic range
* Single and multiplex assays
* Wide menu of commercially available kits and components for user-developed assays

Cell Sorter MoFlo Astrios EQ (Beckman)

5 lasers (488, 633, 561, 355, 405nm)
18 fluorescent signals
Resolves 0,2µm diameter particles in scatter from background
Jet-in-air nozzle: 50-70-100-150-200µm
6 way sorting at high speed (up to 30000 evt/s)
Under a hood (under protective enclosure)

Technical Manager

Loubat Agnès
+33 489150775

Scientific Coordinators

Hueber Anne Odile
+33 489150785

Schedl Andreas
+33 489150730


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