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The Cytometry Platform (acronym BV-CyAn) has been created in 2012 to provide access and develop this technology to the iBV research groups and is open to outside investigators. It offers a range of services centered on multiparametric cytometry and cell sorting.

BV-CyAn platform, by offering state-of-the-art flow cytometers and sorters, proposes to researchers, powerful ways to discriminate, analyse and sort/purify the distinct cell/organelle populations of interest to further study the genomic, proteomic and functional aspects of such purified populations.


  • Provide access to cytometer users of the platform.
  • Teaching (users quickly become autonomous and independent in the use of analyzers), assistance (in the design of experiments, in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of results) and expertise.
  • Cell sorting: provide technological development with new technical achievements.
  • Single Cell Profiling: “Single cell analysis“ allows studying the transcriptomic and/or epigenetic content of tens of thousands of cells one by one. The cytometry platform takes care of your samples (cells in suspension or obtained via FAC-sorting), performs cell encapsulation and barcoding, and prepares the libraries required for next generation sequencing.

Financial Partners

Analysor LSR Fortessa Sorp (BD)

* 5 lasers (488, 633, 561, 355, 405nm)
18 fluorescent signals
20000 evt/s

*A module HTS allow screening on 96wells plates

*A forward scatter PMT upgrade is also available for small particle detection (0.3-1µm)

Cell sorter  ARIA (BD):

4 lasers (488, 633, 561, 405nm)

13 fluorescent signals

2 and 4 way sorting

MESO QuickPlex SQ12:

MSD products are based on MULTI-ARRAY technology, which uses electrochemiluminescence detection.

* best sensitivity and dynamic range
* Single and multiplex assays
* Wide menu of commercially available kits and components for user-developed assays

Cell Sorter MoFlo Astrios EQ (Beckman)

5 lasers (488, 633, 561, 355, 405nm)
18 fluorescent signals
Resolves 0,2µm diameter particles in scatter from background
Jet-in-air nozzle: 50-70-100-150-200µm
6 way sorting at high speed (up to 30000 evt/s)
Under a hood (under protective enclosure)

Chromium Controller (10x Genomics)

This equipment is used to prepare gel bead emulsions that permits the encapsulation of individual cells in a lipid droplet (GEM) allowing to assign a unique identifier to each cell (called Barcode). In addition, each transcript of a cell is tagged with a molecular identifier “UMI”. The single cell transcriptome provides a high-resolution description of the cell content.

Application Areas:

  • Single cell RNA gene expression profiling
  • Single cell chromatin profiling
  • Rare cell type detection
  • Tumor heterogeneity
  • Mechanisms of cellular differentiation

Technical Manager

Loubat Agnès
Tel: +33 489150775

Scientific Coordinators

Hubstenberger Arnaud
Tel: +33 489150865

Schedl Andreas
Tel: +33 489150730


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