Mathilde is a dedicated 3rd-year PhD student working in the lab of Dr. Florence Besse, where she aims to dissect neuronal processes across scales, from single RNA molecules to organismal behaviour. Her work will allow to address key molecular components ensuring the post-transcriptional control of gene expression and to identify new targets involved in physiological aging. Mathilde’s work particularly focuses on RNA-binding proteins, molecular scaffolds capable of regulating translation in neurons and shown to be involved in long-term memory and several brain-related diseases. Pushing scientific boundaries, she is now making use of CRISPR technologies to better understand the role of these proteins and their regulation. Taking full advantage of our PhD club, she guided our young researcher community through the design, development, implementation and troubleshooting of CRISPR constructs to inspire and assist as many people as possible in exploring the fascinating world of gene editing.

If you’re curious about the available resources and protocols Mathilde shared with us, feel free to delve into her presentation on the iBV common server.

(By Nicolas Roby)