20M€ for InnoSkel, a new start-up launched by Elvire Gouze at iBV
20M€ for InnoSkel, a new start-up launched by Elvire Gouze at iBV

The 'institut de Biologie Valrose' (iBV) is very proud to announce the launch of InnoSkel, a new start-up led by Elvire Gouze, Group Leader at iBV since 2016 (http://ibv.unice.fr/research-team/gouze/).

Elvire is an expert scientist in skeletal disorders. She has made seminal contributions and she has always been highly motivated by studies that have the potential to directly impact human disease. Elvire is also a visionary serial entrepreneur: in 2014 she was the scientific director of TherAchon, a company that develops a cure for achondroplasia that was acquired for $810 millions by the world's premier pharmaceutical company Pfizer in mid 2019. Now, she wants to expand and develop a new pipeline to cure type 2 collagenopathies, the second leading cause of dwarfism worldwide. For this purpose, Elvire just founded InnoSkel, a platform biotech company for which she raised $20M in a Series A financing round. Definitely, Elvire likes to push the limits !

Our vision at iBV is to bridge basic and clinical sciences to foster our understanding of the most important principles of Biology and transfer our knowledge to the clinic. To this goal, iBV has developed an in-house bio-incubator to allow iBV researchers turn their innovative ideas into reality, with Elvire leading the way.

Congratulations Elvire for a successful new venture !

We asked Elvire to tell us about her motivations and say few words about how InnoSkel came to reality?

Elvire: " My research is always patient centred and I am very happy to have been able to develop these research programs within the iBV. Our environment is fostering innovation and I hope this will be followed by numerous biotech company creations that can be hosted in the iBV bioincubator!”


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