Niels Fjerdingstad is a determined third-year PhD student working in Thomas Lamonerie’s lab. He’s focused on understanding the complex science behind susceptibility and resilience to anxiety. Recently, he took the opportunity to discuss after-thesis career options with fellow enthusiasts in our club by sharing his experience at the BioTechnoSud forum , where he interacted with professionals from the industry, including pharmaceutical experts and biotech founders. This exchange provided valuable insights into various job possibilities, which qualifications are needed, and the responsibilities that come with transitioning from academia to industry. If you’re interested in learning more about the people you can connect with for an academic-to-industry transition and opportunities available both regionally and internationally, please check out Niels’ presentation on our common server. Like Niels during his climbing sessions, don’t hesitate to open up to new horizons by joining next year’s BioTechnoSud forum.

(By Nicolas Roby)