Meet Marion Bied, a dynamic 3rd-year Ph.D. student working in the lab of Guillaume Sandoz, whose lab is at the forefront of research on the role of ion channels in pathophysiology.

Marion’s focus lies in correlating the structure and electrophysiological signatures of ion channels to identify novel functions of these key proteins. During a recent meeting in our club, Marion seized the opportunity to benefit from our community’s diversified expertise. She engaged in a brainstorming session to discuss classical and innovative ways to generate oxidative stress in cells, with the goal of advancing certain aspects of her project. We believe that this brainstorming session was a success, as Marion received a myriad of suggestions, and we are eager to see the results of her future work.

For those curious about Marion’s fascinating project, feel free to consult her presentation available on the common server.

(By Nicolas Roby)