There are days when you just feel lucky. Not exactly at your wakeup time, when lightning strikes and heavy rain beats up your windows, an hour and a half before the race you’ve been waiting for weeks. But after all, rain is nothing. Everybody knows that runner’s worst nightmare is…wind! So, when you see giant palm trees twisted like in a tornado, you start to panic, and even hear your bed calling.

The good thing about being part of a team is that you can’t chicken out. You have to join the rest of the crew, eight people embarked on the 10km and seven more on the 21km half-marathon. And you’re happy you did, a bit later at group photo time, when rain and wind stop suddenly. To add to your feeling of intense satisfaction, you soon realize that 2019 route is more scenic than ever, wandering around the Promenade des Anglais and “la coulée verte”, before visiting the yachts and fishermen pointus round the harbour. “Le port” is also a great place to loudly greet your iBV fellow teammates on the other side of the road (and secretly calculate how many minutes ahead of you they managed to be, rats!).

In the end you’re amazed by Marika shaving off ten full minutes from her last year time, Pablo definitely deserving his semi-elite bib number with a shocking mark of 1h24 on the half-marathon, Max back in fast-running town and Amandine C sticking to the 1h45 flag man like a sparadrap on Captain Haddock. Olivier, Akif, Anna, Tiziana, Stéphanie, Elodie, Amandine B, Marie-Cécile, Aurélie, Fabienne and Clotilde also did a fantastic job and honored the new iBV team shirt in the best way! Altogether, the team ranked 15th/65 on the “Entreprise Challenge du Nombre” on the 10km and 14th/59 on the half-marathon.

Hard training definitely pays off, and even if you have a bad day, it makes you strong enough to resist the urge to walk the last kilometers! For sure, bad weather will never defeat the iBV team!