It was a slick, muddy, rocky and very wet Sunday morning around the Mont Chauve ! But these difficult conditions were surely not enough to discourage 7 members of the iBV Running Team to run the Ratapignata trail organized by « Falicoun Trailplaisir » on October 28th.

For many of them, the 13 km race with its 750m cumulative elevation gain was a first experience in trail racing, and a misty top of the mountain, countless puddles and small streams running down the trails made it a very special debut !

Waterproof Chiara, Marika, Marie-Cécile, Fabienne, Clotilde, Michele and Stéphane bravely defended the iBV colors and no (almost) harmless fall could stop them. Pictures show they actually had fun !

Like the other hundred participants, everyone finished totally soaked and crusted with the reddish mud of the Mont Chauve. At the end of the morning, we decided that trail running was even more fun in bad weather conditions ! Congrats to all the participants for pushing the limits !