Post-doctoral position available

Function of the Wilms’ tumor suppressor Wt1 in chronic ischemic heart disease

A two year FRM (Fondation de Recherche Médicale) funded post-doc position is available in the group of Kay-Dietrich Wagner (; ) at the Institute of Biology Valrose in Nice, France.

The Project:

Chronic ischemic heart disease and myocardial infarction (MI) are common causes for severe illness and death. Thus, understanding the mechanisms of chronic ischemic heart disease is essential for the development of novel therapeutic strategies.
We found earlier that the Wilms’ tumour suppressor 1 transcription factor (Wt1) is re-expressed in coronary vessels after MI and is involved in angiogenesis. The aims of the proposed study are to test the importance of vascular Wt1 expression for cardiac function and vascularisation in transgenic mouse models with MI; to characterise Wt1 expressing cell types in the heart after MI; to identify novel Wt1-dependent molecules in cardiac angiogenesis and repair; and to test the potential of Wt1 expressing cells to improve cardiac repair after MI.
The experiments will determine the role of Wt1 in re generation and repair after MI and might lead to new approaches for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

The Candidate:

Candidates must have a PhD in a relevant field of biology or veterinary science. Experience with transgenic mouse models and surgery are required.
The working language in the laboratory and the Institute is English.
Experience with molecular biology, histology, and FACS is an advantage.

Surrounding and Funding:

Our laboratory is located at the Medical Faculty of the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis. We collaborate closely with the Department of Pathology. Major facilities of our Institute are located at the Valrose campus in Nice. The University of Nice is part of the Université Côte d’Azur located in the Southeast of France.
The position is funded for two years by the FRM. Potential starting date of the project is September 2018.
The salary depends on experience in agreement with Inserm payment schemes.


Interested candidates should submit CV, short description of research accomplishments and interests, and 2 names and contact information for referees to Kay-Dietrich Wagner ( )