A 3-year postdoctoral position is available in the group of Dr Stéphane NOSELLI at the ‘institut de Biologie Valrose’ (iBV), Université Côte d’Azur in Nice, FR.

Our lab investigates the origin of biological chirality and the role of the actin cytoskeleton and associated myosins (type I myosins) in this fundamental property. We approach this problem by studying how Left-Right asymmetry is established in Drosophila, using multidisciplinary approaches addressing a number of primary questions: How is symmetry breaking taking place? What are the molecular determinants of asymmetry/chirality? How molecular chirality translates into higher order organ asymmetry, bridging different
biological scales? How is the Myosin I system conserved during evolution?
This project aims at characterizing the role of the actin cytoskeleton in LR symmetry breaking and asymmetric morphogenesis, and its interaction with actin-associated factors that we have recently identified through genetic screening.

Highly motivated candidates with original thinking and background in Developmental Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry are encouraged to apply. Previous experience in actin/cytoskeleton biology would be a plus.
Interested candidates can contact S. Noselli (noselli@unice.fr).

The ‘institut de Biologie Valrose’ (27 teams; 300 persons; 25 nationalities) is an international institute (English is the working language) with a rich and vivid scientific environment. iBV provides state of the art core facilities, with a collaborative and lively atmosphere in a gorgeous city/region. (ibv.unice.fr/EN/index.php)

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