The institute

The iBV (Institute of Biology Valrose, is an institute of scientific excellence located in Nice Côte d’Azur that gathers a group of scientists focused on understanding the basic principles governing physiology, development and evolution of normal cells, tissues and embryos and those leading to pathology. 25 research teams, with complementary areas of expertise form a synergistic community in an international environment. The common interest is to develop basic research and translating it into knowledge to improve human health. Interdisciplinary research at the interface between biology, physics, mathematics, informatics, chemistry, and medicine is strongly fostered. The iBV is affiliated with Inserm, CNRS and the Université Côte d’Azur.

Your mission as iBV Director

The selected candidate will join the iBV any time during 2021 and 2022 and will take the direction of the institute starting from the 1st of January 2023 for 6 years (renewable once). The role of the director is to 1) lead the institute actions to ensure and expand the iBV scientific excellence and international visibility, 2) organize common scientific strategies to achieve such goals, 3) ensure, manage and expand the institute yearly funding budgets, 4) ensure the renewal of the institute state-of-the-art common facilities, 5) encourage and organize the recruitment of outstanding research teams and promising junior group leaders, 6) develop and reinforce the institute’s partnership with novel academic and industrial collaborations at the national and international level, 7) promote the institute’s scientific animation, 8) ensure and strengthen cohesion among the research groups and foster a dynamic and healthy research environment at the iBV.

The future Director will also lead his own team as principal investigator to develop a competitive research program.

Your profile

We are seeking an outstanding and highly motivated candidate with international scientific track record as principal investigator (minimum 10 years). The candidate should have a strong sense of dedication to the community and ethics, an energetic and dynamic personality, the ability of taking initiatives/responsibilities and particularly developed relational skills. Knowledge of scientific English is compulsory. Knowledge of the French working language would be desirable. Knowledge of the institutional agencies governing research in France and prior involvement in common structure management would be a plus.

More information

The iBV provides state of the art facilities free of charge for all members of the 25 teams: this includes advanced biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, cytometry, histopathology and imaging platforms. The following model systems are currently being used: cell culture, yeast, fruit fly, nematode, sea urchin, zebrafish, mouse and human cell/tissues. The iBV is composed of about 300 people of 25 different nationalities. The iBV has received support from prestigious scientific programs such as the InterDec EU-funded Marie-Curie Early Stage Training Program between 2004-2009 and the LABEX SIGNALIFE between 2012-2023. The iBV teams have been awarded competitive funding and prizes as for instance ERC, HFSP, EMBO Member and Young Investigator, ATIP-Avenir, CNRS medals, Bettencourt Foundation prize, French Academy of Sciences, ANR (National Research Agency) and BPIfrance. The iBV has developed partnerships with private companies as for instance Graftys, Therachon/Pfizer, InnoSkel, DiogenX, ONO Pharmaceutical, MSD, Boehringer Ingelheim. The iBV is part of the Université Côte d’Azur ( that regroups multidisciplinary institutions and that is supported by the IDEX (Initiative of Excellence) program.

How to apply to this call

Use the contact here below for further information regarding installation, scientific environment and research funding possibilities. Send a motivation letter (including your management and strategic vision) and your CV to  Deadline: 1st of May 2021