PhD Club

iBV PhD Club

The iBV PhD Club is a  hub for PhD students and postdocs to meet, discuss and share on various topics. Taking place twice a month in the Institute, the club aims at strengthening our young researcher’s community through scientific and career talks, networking events and individual presentations.

The iBV PhD club allows students to discuss science in several ways:

-Brainstorming: Facing issues with one or more experiments? We gather around and provide meaningful feedback and solutions using our broad range of expertise.

-Technical: Using a unique tool or recently discovered one in the literature? Provide insights into the tools and their applications to inspire others.

-Oral training: Attending a seminar or defending soon? You get the chance to train in front of a diversified audience.

Through the welcomed initiatives of PhD students, speakers from both inside and outside of academia are invited on a regular basis to share their scientific journey.

FAPseq: a new tool to address transcriptome-wide gene regulation with Amira Ouertani

As a 2nd year PhD student working in the lab of Dr. Arnaud Hubstenberger, Amira dedicates her time to the ...
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Genetic Code Expansion workshop with Wanchana Phromkrasae

As a 4th year PhD student in the lab of Dr. Michèle Studer, Wanchana focused his efforts in developing new ...
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Colon organoids to unravel carcinogenic mechanisms with Camille Berenguier

Wrapping up her PhD in Electrophysiology and Cell Biology in the lab of Dr. Olivier Soriani, Camille shared with us ...
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Image analysis workshop with Zeinab Rekad

Finishing her PhD in Cell Biology in the lab of Dr. Van Obberghen Schilling, and passionate about microscopy, Zeinab shared ...
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iBV Career Serie #1: Career paths in Biotech and Pharma companies with Christian Czech

This serie aims to provide PhD students and postdocs with an understanding of different career options in Life Sciences. Through ...
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