Bio engineering and osteo-articular physiopathology

Our project is focused on bone tissue physiopathology and bone reconstruction in traumatic and tumoral contexts. We aim at developing basic research programs based on major public-health concerns and transfer our results into clinic as quickly as possible.

Bone reconstruction In vitro 3D bone tissue models

This first axe is dedicated to: (i) the development and transfer (industrial and clinic) of new bone substitutes that will be used for the reconstruction of bone defects; (ii) the engineering of innovative 3D models of bone like constructs, based on the use of bone substitutes associated to bone cells, to study bone tissue microenvironment in vitro.

The performances of the biomaterials we develop are tested in vitro in the presence of bone cells and in vivo in the animal models that we have developed in Nice or in Nantes in collaboration with Olivier Gauthier at the Veterinary School and Jean-Michel Bouler at the Inserm U791 LIOAD. The BRB (Blood for Reconstruction of Bone), constituted of calcium phosphate particles and clotted blood, is the first osteoinductive biomaterials that we have patented and that should be transferred to the patient in the course of 2014, thanks to anour industrial partner Graftys. This program strongly involves the surgeons of the team, who run also clinical research projects which aim at developing new mini-invasive surgical methods and computer-assisted surgery.

Concerning 3D culture, we have already developed two different models using bone cells cultured in static conditions. Based on these first systems, our aim is now to develop dynamic conditions using bioreactors, with a focus on models suitable to study the interactions between bone tissue microenvironment and the hematopoietic niche. Lastly, we are investigating new biomaterials that could be used for the treatment of spine defects.


Bone tumours

The second axe is dedicated to: (i) the development of in vivo primary and metastatic bone cancer models; (ii) the design of biomaterials incorporating therapeutic compounds targeting bone tumours.

In vivo cancer models are used to identify therapeutic targets among chemokines and chemokine receptors, which are key partners in the interactions between bone microenvironment and cancer cells. Interestingly, calcium phosphate biomaterials that are used for bone reconstruction can be used as drug delivery systems for the compounds potentially efficient in view of the targets identified in vivo. Accordingly, calcium phosphate biomaterials doped with therapeutic compounds are implanted in vivo to evaluate their potential against bone tumour cells development.

In addition, we will use the 3D models of bone like constructs, based on the use of calcium phosphate biomaterials associated to bone cells, to study bone tissue microenvironment in vitro in the absence or in the presence of cancer cells. Lastly, we will take advantage of these in vitro models for the screening of therapeutic compounds for the treatment of bone pathologies, with a focus on bone tumours and hematopoietic malignancies.


Last publications

Understanding the Progression of Bone Metastases to Identify Novel Therapeutic Targets. - 2018 - International journal of molecular sciences - 19 - Schmid-Alliana A, Schmid-Antomarchi H, Al-Sahlanee R, Lagadec P, Scimeca JC, and Verron,E

Gallium enhances reconstructive properties of a calcium phosphate bone biomaterial. - 2017 - Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine - Strazic Geljic I, Melis N, Boukhechba F, Schaub S, Mellier C, Janvier P, Laugier JP, Bouler JM, Verron E, and Scimeca,JC

The multiple therapeutic applications of miRNAs for bone regenerative medicine. - 2017 - Drug discovery today - Scimeca JC, and Verron,E

Calcium supplementation decreases BCP-induced inflammatory processes in blood cells through the NLRP3 inflammasome down-regulation. - 2017 - Acta biomaterialia - Lagadec P, Balaguer T, Boukhechba F, Michel G, Bouvet-Gerbettaz S, Bouler JM, Scimeca JC, and Rochet,N

Determination of extracellular matrix collagen fibril architectures and pathological remodeling by polarization dependent second harmonic microscopy. - 2017 - Scientific reports - 7 P12197 - Roude D, Schaub E, Bellanger JJ, Ezan F, Scimeca JC, Baffet G, and Tiaho,F

Design and properties of a novel radiopaque injectable apatitic calcium phosphate cement, suitable for image-guided implantation. - 2017 - Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials - Le Ferrec M, Mellier C, Boukhechba F, Le Corroller T, Guenoun D, Fayon F, Montouillout V, Despas C, Walcarius A, Massiot D, Lefvre FX, Robic C, Scimeca JC, Bouler JM, and Bujoli,B

Green laser light irradiation enhances differentiation and matrix mineralization of osteogenic cells. - 2016 - Journal of photochemistry and photobiology. B, Biology - 155 P130-6 - Merigo E, Bouvet-Gerbettaz S, Boukhechba F, Rocca JP, Fornaini C, and Rochet,N

Gallium, a promising candidate to disrupt the vicious cycle driving osteolytic metastases. - 2016 - Biochemical pharmacology - Strazic-Geljic I, Guberovic I, Didak B, Schmid-Antomarchi H, Schmid-Alliana A, Boukhechba F, Bouler JM, Scimeca JC, and Verron,E

Genetic and pharmacological inactivation of the purinergic P2RX7 receptor dampens inflammation but increases tumor incidence in a mouse model of colitis-associated cancer. - 2015 - Cancer research - 75 P835-45 - Hofman P, Cherfils-Vicini J, Bazin M, Ilie M, Juhel T, Hbuterne X, Gilson E, Schmid-Alliana A, Boyer O, Adriouch S, and Vouret-Craviari,V

Design and properties of novel gallium-doped injectable apatitic cements. - 2015 - Acta biomaterialia - 24 P322-32 - Mellier C, Fayon F, Boukhechba F, Verron E, LeFerrec M, Montavon G, Lesoeur J, Schnitzler V, Massiot D, Janvier P, Gauthier O, Bouler JM, and Bujoli,B

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