Xavier Descombes
Group Leader

Computational Morphometry and Morphodynamics of Cellular and Supracellular Structures

The Morpheme team is a joint initiative of three local institutes: the Sophia Antipolis INRIA Center, the I3S (Computer Science, Signals and Systems Laboratory) and the iBV (Institute of Biology Valrose). It is a multidisciplinary team composed of researchers with expertise in computational sciences, mathematics, optics, cell and developmental biology, and its objectives are to understand the morphological changes that occur during development combining in vivo imaging, image processing and computational modelling. To characterize the development of subcellular structures in wild-type and various pathological contexts, the team is developing methods to image samples with high resolution, and extract quantitative parameters from the resulting images. It is also elaborating tools for statistical analysis and classification of complex structures, taking into account the variability of biological samples. Models explaining the temporal evolution of the observed samples are then elaborated.

Biological questions tackled at the moment include development of axonal trees in maturing brains, analysis of brain micro-vascular networks in pathological contexts, and growth of plant meristem. The team is opened to new collaborations fitting its scientific interests and expertise.

More information of the Morpheme team

Extraction of axonal tree cytoskeletons from confocal images

Original image

Automatic reconstruction

Manual reconstruction




Segmentation of brain vascular networks imaged via micro-tomography


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