Research groups


Ez Zoubir Amri
Cellular and molecular regulation of fat mass
Robert Arkowitz
Polarized growth in yeast
Florence Besse
Axon morphogenesis and local RNA regulation in Drosophila
Christian Braendle
Gene-environment interactions in development and evolution
Marie Christine Chaboissier
Sex determination in mice
Patrick Collombat
Diabetes Genetics
Christian Dani
Stem cells and differentiation
Franck Delaunay
Circadian System Biology
Maximilian Frthauer
Membrane dynamics and developmental signalling in Zebrafish and Drosophila
Elvire Gouze
Development of biotherapies for skeletal dysplasia
Arnaud Hubstenberger
Anne-Odile Hueber
Death receptors signalling and cancer therapy
Thomas Lamonerie
Neurodevelopment : Temporal functions of transcription factors in mouse brain development
Pierre Lopold
The Genetics and Physiology of Growth in Drosophila
Thierry Lepage
Gene regulatory networks, axis specification and morphogenesis of the sea urchin embryo
Stphane Noselli
Epithelial Morphogenesis and left-right asymmetry in Drosophila
Minoo Rassoulzadegan
Genetics and epigenetics of germinal differentiation
Matteo Rauzi
Morphogenesis and mechanics of epithelial tissues
Guillaume Sandoz
Biology of ion channels
Andreas Schedl
Molecular programs controlling development and tissue homeostasis
Jean Claude Scimeca
Bio engineering and osteo-articular physiopathology
Olivier Soriani
Regulation of ion channels in cancer
Michle Studer
Genetics of mouse brain development
Pascal Thrond
Signal transduction and control of morphogenesis in Drosophila
Ellen Van Obberghen-Schilling
Adhesion Signaling and the Tumor Matrix Environment
Thierry Virolle
Cancer Stem Cell Plasticity and Functional Intra-tumor Heterogeneity
Kay Dietrich Wagner
Vessel formation in development and disease


Joints Project
Xavier Descombes
Florence Besse

Computational Morphometry and Morphodynamics of Cellular and Supracellular Structures



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Research teams:
- Amri Ez-Zoubir
- Arkowitz Robert
- Besse Florence
- Braendle Christian
- Chaboissier Marie-Christine
- Collombat Patrick
- Dani Christian
- Delaunay Franck
- Fürthauer Maximilian
- Gouze Elvire
- Hubstenberger Arnaud
- Hueber Anne-Odile
- Lamonerie Thomas
- Léopold Pierre
- Lepage Thierry
- Morpheme Team
- Noselli Stéphane
- Rassoulzadegan Minoo
- Rauzi Matteo
- Sandoz Guillaume
- Schedl Andreas
- Scimeca Jean-Claude
- Soriani Olivier
- Studer Michele
- Thérond Pascal
- Van Obberghen-Schilling Ellen
- Virolle Thierry
- Wagner Kay Dietrich
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