Olivier Soriani
  Team : Soriani Olivier
  activité : Chef d`équipe
  Localisation : Sciences Naturelles
  Tel: +33 492076553
  Fax : +33 492076834
  e-mail: soriani@unice.fr

The SigmaR1 chaperone drives breast and colorectal cancer cell migration by tuning SK3-dependent Ca(2+) homeostasis. - 2017 - Oncogene
Gueguinou M, Crottès D, Chantôme A, Rapetti-Mauss R, Potier-Cartereau M, Clarysse L, Girault A, Fourbon Y, Jézéquel P, Guérin-Charbonnel C, Fromont G, Martin P, Pellissier B, Schiappa R, Chamorey E, Mignen O, Uguen A, Borgese F, Vandier C, and Soriani,O

Sigma 1 Receptor and Ion Channel Dynamics in Cancer. - 2017 - Advances in experimental medicine and biology - 964 P63-77
Soriani O, and Rapetti-Mauss,R

Red blood cell Gardos channel (KCNN4): the essential determinant of erythrocyte dehydration in hereditary xerocytosis. - 2017 - Haematologica - 102 Pe415-e418
Rapetti-Mauss R, Picard V, Guitton C, Ghazal K, Proulle V, Badens C, Soriani O, Garçon L, and Guizouarn,H

Bidirectional KCNQ1:?-catenin interaction drives colorectal cancer cell differentiation. - 2017 - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - 114 P4159-4164
Rapetti-Mauss R, Bustos V, Thomas W, McBryan J, Harvey H, Lajczak N, Madden SF, Pellissier B, Borgese F, Soriani O, and Harvey,BJ

Immature human dendritic cells enhance their migration through KCa3.1 channel activation. - 2016 - Cell calcium - 59 P198-207
Crottès D, Félix R, Meley D, Chadet S, Herr F, Audiger C, Soriani O, Vandier C, Roger S, Angoulvant D, and Velge-Roussel,F

Senicapoc: a potent candidate for the treatment of a subset of hereditary xerocytosis caused by mutations in the Gardos channel. - 2016 - Haematologica - 101 Pe431-e435
Rapetti-Mauss R, Soriani O, Vinti H, Badens C, and Guizouarn,H

SK3/TRPC1/Orai1 complex regulates SOCE-dependent colon cancer cell migration: a novel opportunity to modulate anti-EGFR mAb action by the alkyl-lipid Ohmline. - 2016 - Oncotarget - 7 P36168-36184
Guéguinou M, Harnois T, Crottes D, Uguen A, Deliot N, Gambade A, Chantôme A, Haelters JP, Jaffrès PA, Jourdan ML, Weber G, Soriani O, Bougnoux P, Mignen O, Bourmeyster N, Constantin B, Lecomte T, Vandier C, and Potier-Cartereau,M

SigmaR1 regulates membrane electrical activity in response to extracellular matrix stimulation to drive cancer cell invasiveness. - 2015 - Cancer research
Crottès D, Rapetti-Mauss R, Alcaraz-Perez F, Tichet M, Gariano G, Martial S, Guizouarn H, Pellissier B, Loubat A, Popa A, Paquet A, Presta M, Tartare-Deckert S, Cayuela ML, Martin P, Borgese F, and Soriani,O

A mutation in the Gardos channel is associated with hereditary xerocytosis. - 2015 - Blood
Rapetti-Mauss R, Lacoste C, Picard V, Guitton C, Pontou-Lombard E, Loosveld M, Nivaggioni V, Dasilva N, Salgado D, Desvignes JP, Béroud C, Viout P, Bernard M, Soriani O, Vinti H, Lacroze V, Feneant-Thibault M, Thuret I, Guizouarn H, and Badens,C

The sigma-1 receptor: a regulator of cancer cell electrical plasticity? - 2013 - Frontiers in physiology - 4 P175
Crottès D, Guizouarn H, Martin P, Borgese F, and Soriani,O

The sigma-1 receptor binds to the Nav1.5 voltage-gated Na+ channel with 4-fold symmetry. - 2012 - The Journal of biological chemistry - 287 P37021-9
Balasuriya D, Stewart AP, Crottès D, Borgese F, Soriani O, and Edwardson,JM

Band 3 missense mutations and stomatocytosis: insight into the molecular mechanism responsible for monovalent cation leak. - 2011 - Int J Cell Biol - 2011 P136802
Barneaud-Rocca D, Pellissier B, Borgese F, and Guizouarn,H

South-east Asian ovalocytosis and the cryohydrocytosis form of hereditary stomatocytosis show virtually indistinguishable cation permeability defects. - 2011 - Br J Haematol - 152 P655-64
Guizouarn H, Borgese F, Gabillat N, Harrison P, Goede JS, McMahon C, Stewart GW, and Bruce,LJ

Dual transport properties of anion exchanger 1: the same transmembrane segment is involved in anion exchange and in a cation leak. - 2011 - J Biol Chem - 286 P8909-16
Barneaud-Rocca D, Borgese F, and Guizouarn,H

Characterization of the L683P mutation of SLC26A9 in Xenopus oocytes. - 2011 - Biochim Biophys Acta - 1810 P577-83
Avella M, Borgese F, and Ehrenfeld,J

Band 3 missense mutations and stomatocytosis: insight into the molecular mechanism responsible for monovalent cation leak. - 2011 - Int J Cell Biol - 2011 P136802
Barneaud-Rocca D, Pellissier B, Borgese F, and Guizouarn,H

Sig1R protein regulates hERG channel expression through a post-translational mechanism in leukemic cells. - 2011 - The Journal of biological chemistry - 286 P27947-58
Crottès D, Martial S, Rapetti-Mauss R, Pisani DF, Loriol C, Pellissier B, Martin P, Chevet E, Borgese F, and Soriani,O

Band 3 Edmonton I, a novel mutant of the anion exchanger 1 causing spherocytosis and distal renal tubular acidosis. - 2010 - Biochem J - 426 P379-88
Chu C, Woods N, Sawasdee N, Guizouarn H, Pellissier B, Borgese F, Yenchitsomanus PT, Gowrishankar M, and Cordat,E



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