Michèle Studer
  Team : Studer Michele
  activité : Chef d`équipe
  Localisation : Centre de Biochimie
  Tel: +33 492076419
  Fax : +33 492076402
  e-mail: Michele.STUDER@unice.fr

Molecular control of two novel migratory paths for CGE-derived interneurons in the developing mouse brain. - 2016 - Development (Cambridge, England)
Touzot A, Ruiz-Reig N, Vitalis T, and Studer,M

Area-specific development of distinct projection neuron subclasses is regulated by postnatal epigenetic modifications. - 2016 - eLife - 5
Harb K, Magrinelli E, Nicolas CS, Lukianets N, Frangeul L, Pietri M, Sun T, Sandoz G, Grammont F, Jabaudon D, Studer M, and Alfano,C

Gradient COUP-TFI Expression Is Required for Functional Organization of the Hippocampal Septo-Temporal Longitudinal Axis. - 2016 - Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991)
Flore G, Di Ruberto G, Parisot J, Sannino S, Russo F, Illingworth EA, Studer M, and De Leonibus,E

Postmitotic control of sensory area specification during neocortical development. - 2014 - Nature communications - 5 P5632
Alfano C, Magrinelli E, Harb K, Hevner RF, and Studer,M

COUP-TFI controls activity-dependent tyrosine hydroxylase expression in adult dopaminergic olfactory bulb interneurons. - 2013 - Development - 140 P4850-9
Bovetti S, Bonzano S, Garzotto D, Giannelli SG, Iannielli A, Armentano M, Studer M, and De Marchis,S

The nuclear receptors COUP-TF: a long-lasting experience in forebrain assembly. - 2013 - Cell Mol Life Sci
Alfano C, Magrinelli E, Harb K, and Studer,M

Assembly of the auditory circuitry by a Hox genetic network in the mouse brainstem. - 2013 - PLoS Genet - 9 Pe1003249
Di Bonito M, Narita Y, Avallone B, Sequino L, Mancuso M, Andolfi G, Franz AM, è L, Puelles FM, Rijli M, and Studer,

Hox genes and region-specific sensorimotor circuit formation in the hindbrain and spinal cord. - 2013 - Dev Dyn - 242 P1348-68
Di Bonito M, Glover JC, and Studer,M

Neocortical arealization: Evolution, mechanisms, and open questions. - 2012 - Dev Neurobiol
Alfano C, and Studer,M

COUP-TFI promotes radial migration and proper morphology of callosal projection neurons by repressing Rnd2 expression. - 2011 - Development - 138 P4685-97
Alfano C, Viola L, Heng JI, Pirozzi M, Clarkson M, Flore G, De Maio A, Schedl A, Guillemot F, and Studer,M

Loss of COUP-TFI alters the balance between caudal ganglionic eminence- and medial ganglionic eminence-derived cortical interneurons and results in resistance to epilepsy. - 2011 - J Neurosci - 31 P4650-62
Lodato S, Tomassy GS, De Leonibus E, Uzcategui YG, Andolfi G, Armentano M, Touzot A, Gaztelu JM, Arlotta P, Menendez de la Prida L, and Studer,M

Excitatory projection neuron subtypes control the distribution of local inhibitory interneurons in the cerebral cortex. - 2011 - Neuron - 69 P763-79
Lodato S, Rouaux C, Quast KB, Jantrachotechatchawan C, Studer M, Hensch TK, and Arlotta,P

Area-specific temporal control of corticospinal motor neuron differentiation by COUP-TFI. - 2010 - Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A - 107 P3576-81
Tomassy GS, De Leonibus E, Jabaudon D, Lodato S, Alfano C, Mele A, Macklis JD, and Studer,M

COUP-TFI coordinates cortical patterning, neurogenesis, and laminar fate and modulates MAPK/ERK, AKT, and beta-catenin signaling. - 2007 - Cereb Cortex - 18 P2117-31
Faedo A, Tomassy GS, Ruan Y, Teichmann H, Krauss S, Pleasure SJ, Tsai SY, Tsai MJ, Studer M, and Rubenstein,JL

COUP-TFI is required for the formation of commissural projections in the forebrain by regulating axonal growth. - 2006 - Development - 133 P4151-62
Armentano M, Filosa A, Andolfi G, and Studer,M

Altered segmental identity and abnormal migration of motor neurons in mice lacking Hoxb-1. - 2006 - Nature - 384 P630-4
Studer M, Lumsden A, Ariza-McNaughton L, Bradley A, and Krumlauf,R

Oral-facial-digital type I protein is required for primary cilia formation and left-right axis specification. - 2005 - Nat Genet - 38 P112-7
Ferrante MI, Zullo A, Barra A, Bimonte S, Messaddeq N, Studer M, Dollé P, and Franco,B

Reciprocal gene replacements reveal unique functions for Phox2 genes during neural differentiation. - 2005 - EMBO J - 24 P4392-403
Coppola E, Pattyn A, Guthrie SC, Goridis C, and Studer,M

The COUP-TF nuclear receptors regulate cell migration in the mammalian basal forebrain. - 2004 - Development - 131 P6119-29
Tripodi M, Filosa A, Armentano M, and Studer,M

A novel role for retinoids in patterning the avian forebrain during presomite stages. - 2003 - Development - 130 P2039-50
Halilagic A, Zile MH, and Studer,M

Initiation of facial motoneurone migration is dependent on rhombomeres 5 and 6. - 2001 - Development - 128 P3707-16



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