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2002 Prix Rosen de cancrologie



Site-Specific Detection of Tyrosine Phosphorylated CD95 Following Protein Separation by Conventional and Phospho-Protein Affinity SDS-PAGE. - 2017 - Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) - 1557 P173-188
Chakrabandhu K, Huault S, and Hueber,AO

Detection of S-Acylated CD95 by Acyl-Biotin Exchange. - 2017 - Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) - 1557 P189-198
Rossin A, and Hueber,AO

The Btk-dependent PIP5K1? lipid kinase activation by Fas counteracts FasL-induced cell death. - 2017 - Apoptosis : an international journal on programmed cell death - 22 P1344-1352
Rossin A, Lounnas N, Durivault J, Miloro G, Gagnoux-Palacios L, and Hueber,AO

An Evolution-Guided Analysis Reveals a Multi-Signaling Regulation of Fas by Tyrosine Phosphorylation and its Implication in Human Cancers. - 2016 - PLoS biology - 14 Pe1002401
Chakrabandhu K, Huault S, Durivault J, Lang K, Ta Ngoc L, Bole A, Doma E, Dérijard B, Gérard JP, Pierres M, and Hueber,AO

Fas Versatile Signaling and Beyond: Pivotal Role of Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Context-Dependent Signaling and Diseases. - 2016 - Frontiers in immunology - 7 P429
Chakrabandhu K, and Hueber,AO

Dominant negative FADD dissipates the proapoptotic signalosome of the unfolded protein response in diabetic embryopathy. - 2015 - American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism - 309 PE861-73
Wang F, Weng H, Quon MJ, Yu J, Wang JY, Hueber AO, and Yang,P

The Drosophila TNF receptor Grindelwald couples loss of cell polarity and neoplastic growth. - 2015 - Nature - 522 P482-6
Andersen DS, Colombani J, Palmerini V, Chakrabandhu K, Boone E, Rìthlisberger M, Toggweiler J, Basler K, Mapelli M, Hueber AO, and Léopold,P

Antitumor and cytotoxic properties of a humanized antibody specific for the GM3(Neu5Gc) ganglioside. - 2015 - Immunobiology - 220 P1343-50
Dorvignit D, Garcìa-Martìnez L, Rossin A, Sosa K, Viera J, Hernández T, Mateo C, Hueber AO, Mesa C, and Lìpez-Requena,A

Fas palmitoylation by the palmitoyl acyltransferase DHHC7 regulates Fas stability. - 2014 - Cell death and differentiation
Rossin A, Durivault J, Chakhtoura-Feghali T, Lounnas N, Gagnoux-Palacios L, and Hueber,AO

Synergism of PI3K/Akt inhibition and Fas activation on colon cancer cell death. - 2014 - Cancer letters - 354 P355-64
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Interferon decreases VEGF levels in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia treated with imatinib. - 2014 - Leukemia research - 38 P662-5
Legros L, Guilhot J, Huault S, Mahon FX, Preudhomme C, Guilhot F, Hueber AO, and ,

Vesicles released by activated T cells induce both Fas-mediated RIP-dependent apoptotic and Fas-independent nonapoptotic cell deaths. - 2012 - J Immunol - 189 P2815-23
Koncz G, Hancz A, Chakrabandhu K, Gogolk P, Kerekes K, Rajnavlgyi E, and Hueber,AO

The Fas/CD95 Receptor Regulates the Death of Autoreactive B Cells and the Selection of Antigen-Specific B Cells. - 2012 - Front Immunol - 3 P207
Koncz G, and Hueber,AO

Imatinib sensitizes T-cell lymphocytes from chronic myeloid leukemia patients to FasL-induced cell death: a brief communication. - 2012 - J Immunother - 35 P154-8
Legros L, Ebran N, Stebe E, Rousselot P, Rea D, Cassuto JP, Mahon FX, and Hueber,AO

Treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes with excess of blasts by bevacizumab is well tolerated and is associated with a decrease of VEGF plasma level. - 2011 - Ann Hematol - 91 P39-46
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A novel role of microtubular cytoskeleton in the dynamics of caspase-dependent Fas/CD95 death receptor complexes during apoptosis. - 2010 - FEBS Lett - 584 P1033-40
Doma E, Chakrabandhu K, and Hueber,AO

Identification of a lysine-rich region of Fas as a raft nanodomain targeting signal necessary for Fas-mediated cell death. - 2010 - Exp Cell Res - 316 P1513-22
Rossin A, Kral R, Lounnas N, Chakrabandhu K, Mailfert S, Marguet D, and Hueber,AO

Palmitoylation of human FasL modulates its cell death-inducing function. - 2010 - Cell Death Dis - 1 Pe88
Guardiola-Serrano F, Rossin A, Cahuzac N, Lckerath K, Melzer I, Mailfert S, Marguet D, Zrnig M, and Hueber,AO

Immune modulation by Fas ligand reverse signaling: lymphocyte proliferation is attenuated by the intracellular Fas ligand domain. - 2010 - Blood - 117 P519-29
Lckerath K, Kirkin V, Melzer IM, Thalheimer FB, Siele D, Milani W, Adler T, Aguilar-Pimentel A, Horsch M, Michel G, Beckers J, Busch DH, Ollert M, Gailus-Durner V, Fuchs H, Hrabe de Angelis M, Staal FJ, Rajalingam K, Hueber AO, Strobl LJ, Zimber-Strobl U, and Zrnig,M

Palmitoylation of the TRAIL receptor DR4 confers an efficient TRAIL-induced cell death signalling. - 2009 - Biochem J - 419 P185-92, 2 p following 192
Rossin A, Derouet M, Abdel-Sater F, and Hueber,AO

Lipid raft localization and palmitoylation: identification of two requirements for cell death induction by the tumor suppressors UNC5H. - 2008 - Exp Cell Res - 314 P2544-52
Maisse C, Rossin A, Cahuzac N, Paradisi A, Klein C, Haillot ML, Hrincs Z, Mehlen P, and Hueber,AO

Anti-ganglioside antibody-induced tumor cell death by loss of membrane integrity. - 2008 - Mol Cancer Ther - 7 P2033-41
Roque-Navarro L, Chakrabandhu K, de Le J, n S, Rodr C, guez A, Toledo CM, Carr AO, de Acosta R, Hueber , and Prez,

The extracellular glycosphingolipid-binding motif of Fas defines its internalization route, mode and outcome of signals upon activation by ligand. - 2008 - Cell Death Differ - 15 P1824-37
Chakrabandhu K, Huault S, Garmy N, Fantini J, Stebe E, Mailfert S, Marguet D, and Hueber,AO

Distinctive molecular signaling in triple-negative breast cancer cell death triggered by hexadecylphosphocholine (miltefosine). - 2008 - FEBS Lett - 582 P4176-84
Chakrabandhu K, Huault S, and Hueber,AO

The CD95 receptor: apoptosis revisited. - 2007 - Cell - 129 P447-50
Peter ME, Budd RC, Desbarats J, Hedrick SM, Hueber AO, Newell MK, Owen LB, Pope RM, Tschopp J, Wajant H, Wallach D, Wiltrout RH, Zrnig M, and Lynch, DH

The Fas ligand intracellular domain is released by ADAM10 and SPPL2a cleavage in T-cells. - 2007 - Cell Death Differ - 14 P1678-87
Kirkin V, Cahuzac N, Guardiola-Serrano F, Huault S, L K, ckerath E, Friedmann N, Novac WS, Wels B, Martoglio AO, Hueber M, Z , and rnig,

Myocardial expression of a dominant-negative form of Daxx decreases infarct size and attenuates apoptosis in an in vivo mouse model of ischemia/reperfusion injury. - 2007 - Circulation - 116 P2709-17
Roubille F, Combes S, Leal-Sanchez J, Barr C, re F, Cransac C, Sportouch-Dukhan G, Gahide I, Serre E, Kupfer S, Richard AO, Hueber J, Nargeot C, Piot S, Barr , and re-Lemaire,

Regulating Vav1 phosphorylation by the SHP-1 tyrosine phosphatase is a fine-tuning mechanism for the negative regulation of DISC formation and Fas-mediated cell death signaling. - 2007 - Cell Death Differ - 15 P494-503
Koncz G, Kerekes K, Chakrabandhu K, and Hueber,AO

Palmitoylation is required for efficient Fas cell death signaling. - 2006 - EMBO J - 26 P209-20
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Requirement for Daxx in mature T-cell proliferation and activation. - 2006 - Cell Death Differ - 14 P795-806
Leal-Sanchez J, Couzinet A, Rossin A, Abdel-Sater F, Chakrabandhu K, Luci C, Anjuere F, Stebe E, Hancock D, and Hueber, AO

The dependence receptor DCC requires lipid raft localization for cell death signaling. - 2006 - Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A - 103 P4128-33
Furne C, Corset V, Hrincs Z, Cahuzac N, Hueber AO, and Mehlen, P

Fas ligand is localized to membrane rafts, where it displays increased cell death-inducing activity. - 2005 - Blood - 107 P2384-91
Cahuzac N, Baum W, Kirkin V, Conchonaud F, Wawrezinieck L, Marguet D, Janssen O, Zrnig M, and Hueber, AO

DCC association with lipid rafts is required for netrin-1-mediated axon guidance. - 2005 - J Cell Sci - 118 P1687-92
Hrincs Z, Corset V, Cahuzac N, Furne C, Castellani V, Hueber AO, and Mehlen, P

Expression of a dominant negative form of Daxx in vivo rescues motoneurons from Fas (CD95)-induced cell death. - 2005 - J Neurobiol - 62 P178-88
Raoul C, Barthelemy C, Couzinet A, Hancock D, Pettmann B, and Hueber, AO

Transgenic overexpression of a dominant negative mutant of FADD that, although counterselected during tumor progression, cooperates in L-myc-induced tumorigenesis. - 2004 - Int J Cancer - 112 P536-40
Hueber AO, Bsser S, and Zrnig, M

Fas/tumor necrosis factor receptor death signaling is required for axotomy-induced death of motoneurons in vivo. - 2003 - J Neurosci - 23 P8526-31
Ugolini G, Raoul C, Ferri A, Haenggeli C, Yamamoto Y, Salan D, Henderson CE, Kato AC, Pettmann B, and Hueber, AO

Alpha beta T-cell development is not affected by inversion of TCR beta gene enhancer sequences: polar enhancement of gene expression regardless of enhancer orientation. - 2003 - Immunology - 109 P510-4
Huang F, Cabaud O, Verthuy C, Hueber AO, and Ferrier, P

Role of membrane microdomain rafts in TNFR-mediated signal transduction. - 2003 - Cell Death Differ - 10 P7-9

Assessing the role of the T cell receptor beta gene enhancer in regulating coding joint formation during V(D)J recombination. - 2003 - J Biol Chem - 278 P18101-9
Mathieu N, Spicuglia S, Gorbatch S, Cabaud O, Fernex C, Verthuy C, Hempel WM, Hueber AO, and Ferrier, P

An essential role for membrane rafts in the initiation of Fas/CD95-triggered cell death in mouse thymocytes. - 2002 - EMBO Rep - 3 P190-6
Hueber AO, Bernard AM, Herincs Z, Couzinet A, and He, HT

Expression of Mad1 in T cells leads to reduced thymic cellularity and impaired mitogen-induced proliferation. - 2001 - Oncogene - 20 P1164-75
Rudolph B, Hueber AO, and Evan, GI

A dominant negative Fas-associated death domain protein mutant inhibits proliferation and leads to impaired calcium mobilization in both T-cells and fibroblasts. - 2000 - J Biol Chem - 275 P10453-62
Hueber AO, Zrnig M, Bernard AM, Chautan M, and Evan, G

CD95: more than just a death factor? - 2000 - Nat Cell Biol - 2 PE23-5

Reversible activation of c-Myc in thymocytes enhances positive selection and induces proliferation and apoptosis in vitro. - 2000 - Oncogene - 19 P1891-900
Rudolph B, Hueber AO, and Evan, GI

c-Myc-induced sensitization to apoptosis is mediated through cytochrome c release. - 1999 - Genes Dev - 13 P1367-81
Juin P, Hueber AO, Littlewood T, and Evan, G

c-Myc and E1A induced cellular sensitivity to activated NK cells involves cytotoxic granules as death effectors. - 1999 - Oncogene - 18 P2181-8
Klefstrom J, Kovanen PE, Somersalo K, Hueber AO, Littlewood T, Evan GI, Greenberg AH, Saksela E, Timonen T, and Alitalo, K

Traps to catch unwary oncogenes. - 1998 - Trends Genet - 14 P364-7
Hueber AO, and Evan, GI

p53-dependent impairment of T-cell proliferation in FADD dominant-negative transgenic mice. - 1998 - Curr Biol - 8 P467-70
Zrnig M, Hueber AO, and Evan, G

The opposing roles of the Akt and c-Myc signalling pathways in survival from CD95-mediated apoptosis. - 1998 - Oncogene - 17 P2811-8
Rohn JL, Hueber AO, McCarthy NJ, Lyon D, Navarro P, Burgering BM, and Evan, GI

Impaired cutaneous immune responses in Thy-1-deficient mice. - 1998 - J Immunol - 161 P5296-302
Beissert S, He HT, Hueber AO, Lellouch AC, Metze D, Mehling A, Luger TA, Schwarz T, and Grabbe, S

Thymocytes in Thy-1-/- mice show augmented TCR signaling and impaired differentiation. - 1997 - Curr Biol - 7 P705-8
Hueber AO, Bernard AM, Battari CL, Marguet D, Massol P, Foa C, Brun N, Garcia S, Stewart C, Pierres M, and He, HT

A dominant-negative mutant of the Rab5 GTPase enhances T cell signaling by interfering with TCR down-modulation in transgenic mice. - 1997 - J Immunol - 159 P5253-63
Andr P, Boretto J, Hueber AO, Rgnier-Vigouroux A, Gorvel JP, Ferrier P, and Chavrier, P

Requirement for the CD95 receptor-ligand pathway in c-Myc-induced apoptosis. - 1997 - Science - 278 P1305-9
Hueber AO, Zrnig M, Lyon D, Suda T, Nagata S, and Evan, GI

Gene structure, cDNA sequence, and expression of murine Bak, a proapoptotic Bcl-2 family member. - 1997 - Genomics - 44 P195-200
Ulrich E, Kauffmann-Zeh A, Hueber AO, Williamson J, Chittenden T, Ma A, and Evan, G

Thy-1 functions as a recognition/signaling molecule during mouse T lymphocyte development. - 1994 - Braz J Med Biol Res - 27 P275-81
Hueber AO, Pierres M, and He, HT

Quantitating apoptosis by a nonradioactive DNA dot blot assay. - 1994 - Anal Biochem - 221 P431-3
Hueber AO, Pierres M, and He, HT

Thy-1 triggers mouse thymocyte apoptosis through a bcl-2-resistant mechanism. - 1994 - J Exp Med - 179 P785-96
Hueber AO, Raposo G, Pierres M, and He, HT

Sulfated glycans directly interact with mouse Thy-1 and negatively regulate Thy-1-mediated adhesion of thymocytes to thymic epithelial cells. - 1992 - J Immunol - 148 P3692-9
Hueber AO, Pierres M, and He, HT



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