Stem cells and differentiation

Adipoblasts, osteoblasts, chondroblasts and skeletal myoblasts are derived from a common mesenchymal precursor with a close and a reciprocal relationship between these programs of differentiation. Ectopic formation of fat cells could originate in the defective regulation of the stem cell differentiation process. Research in our laboratory is focused on in vitro and in vivo differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells and of stem cells isolated from human adult adipose tissue. Our on-going projects are to identify regulatory genes and to study signaling pathways involved in mesenchymal differentiation of stem cells.



Last publications

Brown-like adipose progenitors derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells: Identification of critical pathways governing their adipogenic capacity. - 2016 - Scientific reports - 6 P32490 - Hafner AL, Contet J, Ravaud C, Yao X, Villageois P, Suknuntha K, Annab K, Peraldi P, Binetruy B, Slukvin II, Ladoux A, and Dani,C

IER3 Promotes Expansion of Adipose Progenitor Cells in Response to Changes in Distinct Microenvironmental Effectors. - 2015 - Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio) - 33 P2564-73 - Ravaud C, Esteve D, Villageois P, Bouloumie A, Dani C, and Ladoux,A

Characterization of human knee and chin adipose-derived stromal cells. - 2015 - Stem cells international - 2015 P592090 - Kouidhi M, Villageois P, Mounier CM, Ménigot C, Rival Y, Piwnica D, Aubert J, Chignon-Sicard B, and Dani,C

Human induced pluripotent stem cells: A new source for brown and white adipocytes. - 2014 - World journal of stem cells - 6 P467-72 - Hafner AL, and Dani,C

Characterization of brown adipose tissue in the human perirenal depot. - 2014 - Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.) - 22 P1830-7 - Svensson PA, Lindberg K, Hoffmann JM, Taube M, Pereira MJ, Mohsen-Kanson T, Hafner AL, Rizell M, Palming J, Dani C, and Svensson,MK

Differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells into brown and white adipocytes: Role of Pax3. - 2013 - Stem Cells - Mohsen-Kanson T, Hafner AL, Wdziekonski B, Takashima Y, Villageois P, Carri A, re M, Svensson C, Bagnis B, Chignon-Sicard PA, Svensson L, Casteilla A, Smith C, and Dani,

Targeting cancer stem cells expressing an embryonic signature with anti-proteases to decrease their tumor potential. - 2013 - Cell Death Dis - 4 Pe706 - Darini CY, Martin P, Azoulay S, Drici MD, Hofman P, Obba S, Dani C, and Ladoux,A

Developmental Origins of the Adipocyte Lineage: New Insights from Genetics and Genomics Studies. - 2011 - Stem Cell Rev - Billon N, and Dani,C

Small RNA sequencing reveals miR-642a-3p as a novel adipocyte-specific microRNA and miR-30 as a key regulator of human adipogenesis. - 2011 - Genome Biol - 12 PR64 - Zaragosi LE, Wdziekonski B, Brigand KL, Villageois P, Mari B, Waldmann R, Dani C, and Barbry,P

Isolation of a highly myogenic CD34-negative subset of human skeletal muscle cells free of adipogenic potential. - 2010 - Stem Cells - 28 P753-64 - Pisani DF, Dechesne CA, Sacconi S, Delplace S, Belmonte N, Cochet O, Clement N, Wdziekonski B, Villageois AP, Butori C, Bagnis C, Di Santo JP, Kurzenne JY, Desnuelle C, and Dani,C

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Dani Christian
Group Leader

1989 Prix jeune chercheur FRM

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