Diabetes Genetics

Our group is involved in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying Diabetes. Both Type I Diabetes (insulinodependent) and Type II (non insulinodependent) diabetes ultimately result in the selective loss of insulin-producing beta-cells in the endocrine pancreas (Figure 1). The subsequent lack in insulin hormone induces a blood hyperglycemia that may be attenuated by daily injection of exogenous insulin hormone. Nevertheless, due to variations in glycemia, vascular damages, blindness, amputation or even death may occur.

Figure 1: Type I diabetes in mouse and human

Aiming to overcome these complications, the in vitro generation of pancreatic beta cells from stem or progenitor cells appears as a promising alternative. However, to design rational protocols that will allow the differentiation of beta cells, it is imperative to uncover the molecular determinant controlling their genesis.

Using the Mouse to study diabetes
We belong to a NIH-funded consortium whose goal is to gain further insight into the mechanisms regulating the genesis of the mouse pancreas and apply this knowledge to improve the treatment of diabetes in human. Toward this aim, we have identified two transcription factors, Arx and Pax4, playing a crucial role in the genesis of the different endocrine cell subtypes, including insulin-secreting beta-cells. Specifically, we demonstrated that Arx controls the development of alpha- and PP-cells, whereas Pax4 regulates the genesis of beta- and delta-cell (Animated Figure 2). Importantly, our latest results indicate that these factors are sufficient to literally transform adult alpha-cells into beta-cells and vice versa.

Figure 2: Diaporama auto-animé représentant les modifications du pancréas endocrine observées dans les animaux transgéniques pour Arx ou Pax4.

Generating beta-cells from other pancreatic cells
Building upon these findings, we recently discovered that duct cells can also be transformed into beta cells in vivo and that such cells can cure diabetes in mice. To further understand the genetic determinants implicated in these multiple conversions, we use transcriptome analysis, gain- and loss-of-function approaches and small molecule screens. This work is funded by Juvenile Diabetes research foundation and is performed in tight collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Novonordisk (Copenhagen-Denmark) and the Broad Institute of Harward and MIT (Boston-USA).

Figure 3



Last publications

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Reprogramming pancreatic cells to beta cells. - 2013 - Medecine sciences : M/S - 29 P749-55 - Vieira A, Druelle N, Courtney M, Avolio F, Ben-Othman N, Pfeifer A, Gjernes E, Faurite B, and Collombat,P

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