Axon morphogenesis and local RNA regulation in Drosophila

By extending to specific locations and branching in a specific manner, neuronal processes determine how the nervous system is wired to produce behavior. Axonal projections, in particular, acquire a complex and cell type-specific morphology controlled by a precise developmental program, and dictated by both intrinsic and extrinsic cues. Recent work has suggested that local post-transcriptional regulation of mRNAs encoding both receptors to guidance cues, and cytoskeleton regulators is essential for axon morphogenesis in vitro.

We are using Drosophila adult Mushroom Body neurons as a model system to study the importance and the mechanisms of sub-cellular mRNA targeting and translational control during axon growth in vivo. In particular, we aim at identifying the nature of the transported mRNAs, as well as the trans-acting factors controlling axonal mRNA transport and translation.

Figure 1 - Mushroom Body expression pattern

Figure 2 - Examples of axon projection patterns

We have shown that an RNA-binding protein with conserved role in mRNA targeting is expressed in a sub-population of Mushroom Body neurons (gamma neurons, Figure 1), and that its function is required cell-autonomously for polarized growth and branching of axons (Figure 2).

Using a combination of genetic and biochemical approaches, we are now focussing on the following research projects:

•  systematic identification of mRNA targets using a RIP-chip technique (Figure 3)

•  loss-of-function screen to identify other conserved RNA binding proteins regulating axon guidance and/or branching

•  live-cell imaging to study the dynamic regulation of mRNA molecules and associated proteins within axons

Figure 3 - Principe of the RIP-chip technique
Last publications

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