Labex SIGNALIFE International PhD Program
25 PhD Positions in Cell Signaling.


The Laboratory of Excellence Labex SIGNALIFE is a collaborative research program in Life Sciences financed by the Excellence Initiative of the French Ministry of Research. This program is coordinated by Stphane Noselli, head of the iBV, and hosted by the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

It is comprised of 6 leading research institutes from Nice, France: iBV, IPMC, C3M, IRCAN, ISA and Inria. It involves the participation of 49 top-level research teams affiliated with major French research institutions : University Nice Sophia Antipolis, CNRS, Inserm, INRA, Inria, Nice University Hospitals, Antoine Lacassagne Cancer Center. The SIGNALIFE research project is focused on the study of Cell Signaling in Biology including: 1) Cellular architecture of signaling pathways, 2) Plasticity and signaling, 3) Stress signaling, 4) Signaling in aging and disease progression and 5) New principles in signaling and applications.

The 2016 international SIGNALIFE PhD Program has been launched. The Labex SIGNALIFE is currently seeking applications from outstanding students in the Life Sciences for a total of 25 highly competitive, fully funded PhD positions on specific research projects offered in the area of Cell Signaling. This is the third wave of the recruitment for this PhD program, a 3-year PhD starting September 2016. Application are exclusively online, deadline April 1st, 2016.


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