PhD position in Fungal Cell Biology
PhD position in Fungal Cell Biology

A funded PhD position is available at the Institute of Biology Valrose, University of Côte d’Azur, Nice France to investigate the molecular mechanisms of antifungal tolerance – pathways linking cytoplasmic crowding to drug accumulation and stress responses in a human fungal pathogen. Initial studies indicate the majority of fatal fungal infections are caused by drug-tolerant strains. Candida albicans is a harmless commensal that in response to alterations of its environment can cause superficial, as well as life-threatening systemic infections. In this ERC funded collaborative project, our goal is to determine the link between antifungal drug tolerance and cytoplasmic crowding at the single cell level. The project will take advantage of cutting-edge imaging approaches, molecular genetics and image analyses to investigate relationship between physical characteristics of the cytoplasm and antifungal tolerance in C. albicans cells and communities.

We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a background in Cell Biology and previous experience in live cell imaging and/or image analyses. Previous experience in Microbiology is a plus.

Interested candidates contact R. Arkowitz (

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